Phola Intsha

Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.

The programme focuses on tackling issues that affect young people including HIV and AIDS, drug and substance misuse, unemployment, teen pregnancy, life skills development. There is a strong emphasis on preventing the onset of life challenges often experienced by young people. It sets to equip young people with skills that include; decision making, goal setting, problem solving, conflict resolution, inter and intra personal skills.

Youth is helped to learn coping skills and to become resilient when faced with adversity. They are also supported to formulate goals for the future. Vulnerable young people attend regular life skills camps which offer comprehensive social, mental, spiritual, physical and emotional interventions for holistic development. They are also helped to get mentors who hand hold them through life and provide ongoing support.

PHOLA links up with strategic partners to enable young people to access opportunities for education and skills development etc.