Phola Receives Prestigious Award

On 8 March 2021 Phola was among organizations honoured in a glamorous function organized by Gender-Links. The event was for organizations partnering with Gender-Links in its outreach programmes.  In her keynote address a senior gender expert spoke about the Mexico Generation Equality Forum. The 2021 Generation Equality Forum was a major global inflection point for […]

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The Department of Social Development recently facilitated two workshops for senior management and Board Members of Non-Profit Organisations funded by the Gauteng Department of Social Development. The workshops were on NGO Capacity Building and Leadership Development and Fundraising Skills Training, respectively. Phola appreciated the opportunity to participate in the two workshops.


Gender Inclusion in Policy making and implementation

On 31st October 2000, the UN Security Council passed its first ever resolution on Women, Peace and Security (Resolution 1325). Furthermore, NGOs like Oxfam, Amnesty International, International Alert, Conciliation Resources began also to stress the gender- dimensions of conflicts and their implications for peace-building process as well as their significance for their own work. Their […]

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Narratives in the suitcase Methodology

The Narratives in the Suitcase Project was developed to respond to the challenges experienced by children “on the move”. Some of these children travel unaccompanied from different countries into South Africa and other places. Many of them end up on the streets. In South Africa several children move from rural areas into the cities seeking a better life for themselves and their families.

At face value these journeys may be taken to be only about economic issues however there are many untold stories about these movements. The hidden or secret stories unveil what these young people are pursuit of. If societies have a better understanding about the secret aspirations of young people on the move perhaps there would be improved services and support for them.

The suitcase project explores what children’s movements are about. It allows people on the move to describe their journeys in ways that are more fitting for them. It takes a lot of courage for children to leave their homes, families, familiar territories and or countries of origin. These bold initiatives could only mean that children who are “on the move” are pursuing what is significantly valuable and important to them. Stories about what pushes children to leave their homes, live on the streets, migrate to far away countries etc. are thinly described. They are largely told from the point of view of others and usually in problem saturated dominant story lines tainted with a lot of negativity.

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