Training on the COURRAGE Methodology

COURRAGE is a collective narrative therapy methodology developed in 2014 by Ncazelo Ncube-Mlilo in partnership with six women to privilege the second or alternative stories of women who are struggling with the effects of violence, abuse, and trauma in their lives. It seeks to honour the knowledges and skills that women show and use in the face of pain, grief and other hardships.

The COURRAGE project honours both stories of women’s courage and the hardships that they have experienced. Through double listening and second story development the women are anchored in stories of courage as they talk about the trauma and hardships that they have experienced. This allows them to “rise up inside” and speak about the injustices that they go through without being re-traumatised. COURRAGE helps people affected by violence and abuse to reclaim a sense of pride and power.

Although COURRAGE has been developed in partnership with women for women, it is Ncazelo’s hope that it can be adapted and used broadly as a framework for receiving testimonies in relation to experiences of trauma.

Description of COURRAGE Methodology Training

This is a 2.5 days skill building workshop which provides both theory and a practical experience of using and working with the methodology in a collective therapeutic context. The training covers:

  • History of the methodology
  • The Imbeleko Approach: culturally sensitive approach to therapeutic practice
  • The importance of forming partnerships with people seeking counselling
  • Exploring the significance of preferred or alternative stories when addressing the effects of violence and abuse in therapeutic contexts
  • Subjecting problems people experience to broader social, cultural, historical and political perspectives
  • 10 STEPS of the COURRAGE Methodology
  • Linking COURRAGE to other services in community

Who can attend this training?

  • Practitioners who work in the area of trauma, violence and dealing with the effects of abuse on people’s lives
  • Women empowerment organisations
  • People who work with refugees and other marginalised communities
  • People who have an interest in developing and working with culturally sensitive therapies
  • Practitioners interested in integrating arts into Narrative Therapy
  • People with an interest of linking therapy to ongoing community projects for the benefit of those who seek counselling

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