Phola Opens New Offices in Diepsloot and Zandspruit


Phola is excited to inform the public about new developments. It has opened offices in Diepsloot and Zandspruit in Johannesburg North.

Diepsloot and Zandspruit informal settlements like most communities in South Africa were hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. The two communities are adjacent to each other on the periphery of Johannesburg city. They have a combined population of more than two hundred thousand.

For a longtime these communities have been adversely affected and afflicted by mental health and psychosocial challenges, exacerbated by lockdowns, bereavements, deaths, and other societal ills directly linked to coronavirus pandemic.

During this turbulent period Phola expanded its work and footprint in Diepsloot and Zandspruit informal settlements. This was made possible by generous donations and goodwill of the public.

Although informal settlements are characterized by lack of basic services, pollution, overcrowding and poor waste management. As a community based non-profit organisation offering psychosocial services it was necessary to take our services to the people.

Phola is a psycho-social organisation which empowers vulnerable, marginalized, and indigent people so that they can assert their rights and sustain themselves regardless of circumstances.

The Diepsloot and Zandspruit offices largely focus on theme-based awareness campaigns for instance on child protection, child abuse, domestic violence (abuse of women and children), Gender-based violence. The offices do outreach work to commemorate important national events e.g., 16 Days of Activism, Women’s Month and Heritage Day holidays.

The offices are manned by psychologists, social workers, auxiliary workers, and volunteers and they embark on door-to-door campaigns. During the visits they educate community members on Phola work and in schools, they facilitate various Phola narrative therapy sessions. The awareness raising campaigns are the vital cog of the organization because it gives opportunities to community members to engage with Phola at individual and family levels on issues relating to trauma, bereavement, domestic violence, substance abuse, gender-based violence and mental health matters.

The organization is also a referral center i.e., it shares helpful information on services provided by other organizations working in the neighborhood.

The satellite offices play a pivotal role in running school-based programmes. They carry out various Phola methodologies in schools and organizations we partner and collaborate with.

Phola uses methodologies developed by its Director Ncazelo Mlilo. She is a psychologist, narrative therapist, and international trainer. Her training methodologies are extensively used in more than thirty countries.

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