A renowned motivational speaker once said, “We all have a sleeping giant within us. Each of us has a talent, gift a bit of genius just waiting to be tapped.”

I have recognized the power that we have to change virtually anything and everything in our lives. The amazing thing is that the resources that we need to turn our dreams into reality lie within us.

It doesn’t matter what advantages or disadvantages you were born with. It is not the conditions or external factors of your life that will determine your destiny. What matters is what decisions you make about your life is going to be the decisions that will write the story of your destiny.

By making decisions about what to do with your life you will have become a living example unlimited power of human spirit.

How can you and I make ourselves one of those inspiring examples?

Simply by making decisions today about how we are going to live in the years to come. Your life is entirely what you decide it is. It is your spaceship and you are up or down. The universe starts in your head and spreads out into the world. Change what happens in your head and the universe changes.

We may get stuck in our lives because of a major disappointment or loss resulting in us feeling powerless and unable to do anything, however just one act, anything you can think of, can be enough to restart your engine and recharge your life’s purpose.

Just because you are out of work doesn’t mean you can’t be an entrepreneur. Just because you are out of love doesn’t mean you can’t improve your job skills. By getting better in one area will enhance your self-esteem, which may unlock the door to new opportunities and perhaps point in a new direction.

It is easy? Perhaps not. But as someone once said, ‘easy doesn’t do it?’


If not you, who?

If not here, where?

If not now, when?

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